Little People’s Academy is dedicated to provide a safe, secure atmosphere filled with exciting learning experiences to challenge the minds and bodies of our children. The teachers and staff will collaborate with parents and families to build a strong foundation for children as they begin to explore the world they live in.

Here at Little People’s Academy we aim to create an environment conducive to your child’s overall development. We strongly believe that learning should be a fun, so learning through various interactive activities was integral in developing our LPA curriculum. Through various play oriented and educational based activities, your child will explore the world around them and emerge as a confident and caring human being. Each day they will unwrap something new that will assist them in their ability to communicate effectively with the world before them.

Our staff has the highest dedication to children and their education. Our teachers will guide your child  in the areas of critical thinking and interpersonal skills, as well as teach them the fundamentals for a positive school career, to promote the growth of successful citizens in our community. We are focused on the growth and development of your child as a whole person, with individual talents and unique needs. We believe that play is the work of children. This philosophy can be seen in action in each of our classrooms.

We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you have regarding the care and education of your child. Please feel free to contact our school office and schedule a tour or visit. We look forward to meeting you and your family.


Contact Us:

 Little People’s Academy

10713 N FM 620, Ste 101

Austin TX -78726



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