We offer programs for toddler, preschool and Pre-kindergarten ages 18 months to 5 years. Part-time or Full-time classes with full day or extended day options.

Hours: M-F 7.00 AM -6.00PM

  • Full day program – 7:00AM till 3:00PM

  • Extended day program – 7:00AM till 6:00PM

 We have an open door policy for parents and invite you to join us for special events and parties throughout the year. At Little People’s Academy, we believe that communication with parents is a part of each child’s success. We will keep you up-to-date with a daily report, emails, school postings and newsletter. Daily reports are sent home with children ages three and younger. The reports include a log of diaper changes, nap times, and meals.
We maintain small class sizes to allow ample time for teachers to work individually with each child. Each of our specialty programs is designed with age appropriate activities focusing on the developmental abilities of the child. Our tailored curriculum is designed with your child’s success in mind. An overview of our programs is presented below.


Daily your toddler developes confidence by discovering the answers to their favorite questions, “Why and Where”? Our Toddler program includes learning centers for mathematics, science, dramatic play, art and nature exploration. Toddlers are free to explore and learn independently, enhancing their self-confidence. Our Toddler Program offers a structured setting coupled with group activities to enhance their social growth and life skills. While your child will be well supervised and cared for, we also commit to  assist their foundational development, physically, emotionally and academically, while nurturing their growing skills according to his/her age and development.







Curious and constantly on the move, our Preschoolers are introduced to new learning concepts, ensuring and preparing them for Pre-Kindergarten. Their knowledge will be enhanced and unravel in a world of colors, letters, shapes, numbers, imagination and basic science and math skills. Preschoolers will explore in various learning centers such as mathematics, science, dramatic play, art, reading, and writing. Their capacity to learn is vast so we seek to introduce a world in which they will master motor, cognitive and social skills for his/her future progress. Little People’s Academy aims for excellence in maintaining an environment conducive to learning and your child’s over all development.


Our new “Kinder Prep Class” is introduced to a more complex structure of language arts, literacy, mathematics and science exploration. Students are introduced to literacy through phonological awareness~as your child demonstrates the ability to work with rhymes, words and syllables. And through phonemic awareness ~ as your child demonstrates the ability to hear, identify and manipulate individual sounds in spoken words. Your child will progress from scribbles, shapes and pictures to represent ideas to using letters and advanced writing skills. Pre- math skills will include patterns, number sense and recognition as they begin to associate number concepts, vocabulary, quantities and written numerals in meaningful ways.

 Our caring teachers will focus on the development of each individual child. Regular evaluations will be done and parent conferences scheduled to keep you updated on your child’s progress. We will then attempt to ‘model’ a curriculum to fit your child’s need to establish them on a path of academic success and development.



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